Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going For A Spin

Last weekend Adam took me out for a drive. He is gaining a lot of confidence behind the wheel and I'm becoming more relaxed as his passenger. You know that is saying a lot. All of you who know me know that I'm not a very good passenger at all. It's still hard to believe that Adam is old enough to be driving. My baby is growing up fast.

You did a great job today Adam...Now, could you please wash the car? ;-)


  1. I am contemplating starting Morgan's driving lessons soon. She is not all that interested in driving but we want her to get a license before we go over seas again. Since we're schooling at home through a virtual academy I have to find a Driver's Ed class on my own. When/where are you going next? We're headed to Ft Hood next with other things "in the works". :-)
    I love reading this blog and seeing you and your wonderful men. I send positive energy your way for a quick, smooth, effortless "coming home" of your beautiful daughter Lucey Lu and hope we get to see ALL of you soon.

  2. Dear Stacy,

    Thank you for your post! Im saving these sweet words for Lucey's Book. She will know that so many were loving her home. As for driving--I bet Morgan will do great. Will she need a pillow to sit on? ;-) She is a doll! Adam takes lessons from a private driving school. We are headed to Kansas for a third time--we move at the end of May. We can't wait. Okay, I'm curious as to what plans are in the works for all of you. Hmmmmm.....we'd love to see you too! I'll email soon! Really!


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