Monday, December 29, 2008

Today: Official Approval! Lucey, Here We Come!

It won't be long now!

This afternoon Ron said, "Let's do one thing for Lucey today...let's go set up a local bank account and order the clean bills." (We need a large sum of money in clean, crisp $100.00 bills from the Federal Reserve.) I was not so excited but Ron was adamant so off we went. We were at the bank for about 30 min. and the phone rang. It was Carol---the news we have been waiting for! We've been waiting for 115 days--our Letter of Approval! It's here! I'm pinching's really here! It won't be long and she will be home! Lucey Louise Wu Tucker, We Love You! There are so many who are praying for you and loving you along with us. We can't wait to share your story with you.

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  1. Joining in to share your excitement and looking forward to what you have accomplished paperwork-wise since LOA.

    Happy Travel Year!

    day 31 wait for LOA


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