Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Tucker Twins

My Twins....I can't believe they are going to be Seniors in August. I have said, ever since they were in utero, they keep me on my toes. They are full of energy! They are also home bodies...they have a lot of friends and are involved in many activities....but they like their down time too. We are blessed. I love that they like to hang out with us. They are a chatty duo...and have a lot to say. I feel honored to be in that place of listening. They have made me a better person. Don't get me wrong...they are not perfect; they have their teen struggles. I'm so blessed to be able to be here for them when they need a gentle place to land (and I'm not perfect either....sometimes I'm not so gentle....and I have to take a step back and pray for guidance) and that they know the door is always open for them to pour out. I try to be that safe place for them. 

Their Cross Country photo...unfortunately it's blurry....but I love it!

Christian had an amazing track season-- his 4X800 qualified for state. No matter where they are, the boys find each other and pray....this is before Christian's leg of the race. It warms my heart how they support one another. They are partners in prayer. Best friends.

Home coming 2014: Andrew and his date, Emily.

Christian and his date, Maggie.

Andrew ran JV track. He had a good season, decreasing his two mile time with each race. A season he should be proud of.

Andrew pushed himself hard this race...He ran Varsity at the district meet. Christian was there to help him off the field.


Christian- running his leg of the 4X800 at the State meet. 

Christian handing off to Jay...Christian was the only junior on the relay team...the rest graduated. The same was true for Cross Country season....Christian's team qualified for state in Cross Country and placed 11th...they were not ranked going into the season since it was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Their team kept getting better. They came in second at regionals and we're seeded 13th going into state. So proud of these guys! But the entire team was made up of seniors...They all graduated. I'm so excited to watch him lead his team this fall. There are some good up and comers. 

The boys are still in Boy Scouts. They are working towards Eagle Scout. Time in ticking. They are good with the younger scouts. The top two photos are Christians and the bottom two are Andrew.

The boys ran in The Gasparilla with Ron....in Tampa, Fl last winter. Ron ran the ultra challenge. In two days Ron ran a 1/2 marathon, 15 K, 8 K, and 5K. So proud of him. The boys joined him for the 8K. They did great. Christian place 6th out of over 4,000 participants. Unfortunately he wore his number on the back of his shirt. Oh well...no oficial time out of it but he knows how he did and it felt good. He was first in his age group. 

Me and my boys....

The boys were in JROTC as well....last year was their last year. With their class load...they can't fit it into their schedule for senior year. I'm so glad I got a picture with all three in uniform. Our oldest, Adam, is an Army reservist. It would have been great for him to be here too. He's so far away....I'll post about Adam soon.

Andrew has a job....he coaches gymnastics and loves it! More grainy pictures but you get the idea. He takes after us....I coached gymnastics for over 20 years....and Ron also coached while we were dating. 

At camp in April....proving they are mirror image twins.

Preppy today...I never know what they are going to wear. They love to dress. There was a full page picture of them in the year book this year...."best dressed"....it was super cute. They also dress on a budget. They get creative.

Their running coach. Coach Sears. An amazing man, Christian and encourager. We love him!

Christian took Maggie to her Senior prom. They had an amazing time. 

The condensed version of their Junior Year. What a fantastic year they had. Academically as well. They are good students. They are also co Vice Presidents of their debate team. Believe it or not....they are only separated by .2 in their GPA's. When they took their first SAT....they got the identical composite score and identical in each sub category. Crazy huh?! They are BRATS...a term used for military kids. Resilient! This is their 8th school. And I homeschooled them for three years. At one point, they changed schools every year for 5 consecutive years. They make friends no matter where they go. They are good kids and they are kind. I am so very proud of them. 

This year is going to be emotional for me....I can just tell. I'm hoping to be more diligent about my blog-- journaling to remember. It's going to go by in a blink and I don't want to miss a thing. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Brave Girl...

Lucey had two surgeries last year to support a bone conduction hearing aid. Part I of the surgery was in January (2014) and part II was in May of 2014. Unilateral hearing loss can be tricky. We researched the surgery and talked to four different surgeons. We discussed it, prayed about it and ultimately decided it was in Lu's best interest to have the surgery. The surgeon and I decided together to go the conservative route and do the surgery in two parts. Part I was installation of the titanium screw. After letting the screw osseointegrate for four months.....surgery part II was revealing the screw and adding the abutment that the hearing aid would snap on to. 

Lucey before surgery...she loves her puppies. They all went to surgery with her. Her surgeon and anesthesiologist were a fun duo. She didn't have anything to relax her before she went into the OR. In the past, those meds made her a bit "crazy." So we decided to see how she would do without them. She did great. 

She doesn't do so well with anesthesia. I feel so bad for her when they wake her up. She gets dizzy and nauseous. Thankfully she moved through this fairly quickly.

They make sure the area is protected. Wowza! That's a dressing!

A few days later she is all set to play!

One year ago she was fitted with her Oticon Ponto Plus. (We researched all of our options and decided Oticon was the best fit for her) She got the hang of snapping it on to her abutment in no time. It works amazingly well for her. I love her little smile as she hears "differently" for the first time. She hears well. Her hearing test shows it works for her. She has not had one infection since the surgery. She cleans the abutment with a tool that looks like a tooth brush. She does a great job of caring for herself. She wears it everyday to school. It makes a huge difference. 

A few weeks ago she had a follow up with her surgeon and a hearing test. All went well....her surgeon said her abutment looks beautiful. Her hearing is good.

Would we do it again....absolutely. No regrets! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lucey Update

It's been 6 years and 4 months of wonderful! I can't imagine life without our sweet Lucey. She is easy to love, to hold, to be with. She has blessed our entire family. She is light and love. She turned 8 years old a few weeks ago. I can't believe it! She was not quite 21 months old on the day she became forever ours. Lucey has...

....moved 8 times in her young life...(8 that we know of).
....has had 5 surgeries.
....has been enrolled in 6 schools.
....this summer she will travel to St. Louis for the 5th time--to see her cranio-facial team.

She is my hero...she teaches me so much about resilience, patience, perseverance....

"I am the lucky one!" Those of you who have adopted know what I am referring to. ;-)

Holding Lucey for the first time. March 2009. 

Lucey's 8th birthday.

A Family update....

Last summer we moved for the 17th time. This summer is the first summer in 5 summers I will not be moving our family. It feels great! We are putting in landscape instead of organizing for a move. I can actually plan for fun. So far this summer has been pretty great. 

I have always loved blogging....i have missed it. If you are reading this....I am shocked. I can't imagine anyone comes here anymore. If you are reading this....thank you for stopping by! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Florida Fun

We live an hour from Disney World!  Our good friends, The Hanley's, came down for their winter vacation just before Christmas....we met them at Magic Kingdom.  What fun for us to be able to enjoy all the touristy things that Florida has to offer just minutes from our home. We look forward to having more visitors. 😊

Friday, January 3, 2014

Me and my Parents....

This is the first time my parents have been to visit us in our new location.  It's been awhile since I had seen them.  It has been so good to have them here in our home.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

Lucey and Sammy (Nana and Papa's pup)..... My Dad made Lucey a beautiful crib for her baby dolls. It's beautiful! You can see a sneak peak of it on the right.

Christmas In Florida

Adam flew in from Colorado on Christmas day.  Merry Christmas to me! I have all my Chicks home!  

My parents came for an extended vacation to spend time with The Troops. Our Christmas celebration extended beyond two days.  We waited to open gifts with Adam on the 26th.  

My cousin and her two kiddos arrive this afternoon.  We will have a happy house full for sure. By Monday everyone will be gone.  It's going to be super quiet around here come next week. For now....I'll enjoy the blessings of family.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Try This Again....

Happy New Year!

I'm back....I'm going to give this another go.....

So much has happened in the year since I have posted to my blog.  Moving 4 times in 5 years definitely has taken it's toll on me.  I'm so eager to update our blog even if it's only to journal for our family. 

I'm starting with a picture of Lucey.  This was taken at St. Louis Children's Hospital this past August. She had her yearly check up with her cranio-facial team. 17 months ago Lucey had major jaw reconstruction.  Her amazing doctor took one of her little ribs and made a jaw for her.  I am in awe of how well she did and the result is beautiful.  The best part though....she speaks more clearly and has a better bite.  And that is what matters most.  That she has functionality. 

We love Dr. Woo!  He is such a blessing.


On a side note...we moved to Tampa, Florida in July.  We love it here!  We love it so much that we have decided to build a home.  We are in the beginning stages.  It's so exciting! I think this is it for awhile. Ron and I are ready to put down some roots.  The kids have adjusted beautifully.  Quickly. God has been so gracious to us. I am thankful.

(I started this post a few months ago from my ipad.  I got frustrated when I could not post for some reason. I never posted this.  I was surprised when I logged on this morning through an Ap and saw it still sitting there in my drafts.  I'd better relearn how to blog.)

Wishing everyone a very blessed 2014.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day 2012

My Two Soldiers

Today we remember those who died in service for our country but also recognizing the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve and fulfill this patriotic duty to maintain the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

My two heroes! 

Ron, my love, who has served for 30 years.

Adam, my dear son, who just celebrated one year of service.

I'm so proud of both of them.